Translation Agents: 3 tips for explaining language localisation to your clients

Ian DaviesAustralian English, Brand Appropriateness, Localization

Translation agents, are you having trouble convincing your clients’ that marketing materials you translate also need to be localised for the country in which the materials will be used? As a highly experienced localiser from Australianizers in Sydney, I have found two great articles explaining the differences between translation and localisation services: In a recent Computerworld  article, titled ‘translation vs. localization’, … Read More

Localize Australian Style

Janine GLocalization

Reaching a point where it’s time to expand to new markets is an exciting time. Most entrepreneurs take it slow at first and usually expand to a market that’s nearby or speaks the same language and that makes good sense. What makes less sense is assuming that the new market that’s seemingly similar to your home market will respond in … Read More

Australian Market Brand Appropriateness

Janine GBrand Appropriateness, Localization

Because of the work we do in helping American, British and other companies ensure they’re ready to do business in the Australian market and helping Australian businesses get ready to expand to other English speaking countries, we’re often sent interesting, funny and sometimes horrifying case studies. What follows are some of the company names we’ve collected over the years that … Read More

A linguist’s take on American English

Janine GAustralian English, Localization

American English Spelling Test

Color, Colour, Counseling, Counselling, Humor, Humour, Localization, Localisation, Center, Centre Really? As though English wasn’t hard enough with sentences like, “all the faith he had had had no effect“, we had to go ahead and spell things differently in different regions and countries? But yes, it’s true. There are significant spelling differences between US English and Australian English. Spelling differences … Read More