What is Localization?

There are many subtle differences between American or British English and Australian English but those differences can cause your message to miss its mark, or worse, cause embarrassment.

We know that localization is much more than just different spelling, e.g. ‘program’ vs. ‘programme’ or ‘colour’ vs. ‘color’, or changing an ‘-ize’ to ‘-ise’. It’s about understanding the local culture and what makes Australians tick.

Australian customers like to know you understand them and their market. By using the local knowledge that we at Australianizers can bring, you will be wholly engaging with them in their language, on their terms, in language that’s entirely suitable for them.

Our comprehensive localization services include:

  • Correcting spelling, punctuation and other aspects of the wording and ensuring that the grammar and style are appropriate for an Australian audience.
  • Reviewing any phrasing, cultural references or colloquialisms, changing them where necessary and highlighting any potential issues.
  • Checking that information or claims in the document are still correct for an Australian audience – i.e. does the original version do the job, or does it need to be changed?

And of course we’ll also proofread everything to ensure your words are completely error-free.

Brand Name Checks

We can check the appropriateness of proposed brand names for Australia, and let you know what they evoke or whether they have any negative connotations.

Advertising Copy Adaptation

We have worked in marketing and can adapt advertising copy so it’s just right for the Australian market.

Audio Transcription and Voice Overs

We can transcribe audio files into Australian English.
We have trained voices that are 100% Australian.


Did you know…..

When the “Got Milk?” campaign reached out to the latino community in California they found they needed a new slogan; “Got Milk?” translated to “Are you lactating?” in Spanish… Oops!

KFC’s expansion to Chinese markets nearly went off the rails when they released their product with the slogan, “Eat your fingers off!”